MIKIRAD crutches with forearm support are technical aids improving the user's mobility, mainly intended for people with disability of the upper limbs. They are intended for people who can use the lower limbs or prostheses extending the limbs but allowing partial support of the body weight.
They are devices with a single point of support terminated with a plastic cap, a handle and a support of the forearm or the forearm and the axilla, used as one crutch or a pair of crutches, each handled with one hand, possibly with the upper part of the trunk. They are made of metal elements combined with plastics. The height of the devices and the length and angle of the forearm support mechanism are adjusted steplessly. At the user's request, crutches with step adjustment can be manufactured. Standard devices are intended for people with height of 155-185 cm and body weight under 120 kg. For people with body weight over 120 kg and non-standard height, the devices are designed and manufactured individually as ordered. The way of positioning and fixing the disabled upper limb in a special tray equipped with a handle and a mobile elbow blockade is typical for the crutches. The tray is equipped with Velcro straps to ensure that the crutch gives the feeling of safety during use. In the case of more serious diseases of the upper limb and fear of independent use, the so-called "stroll" version is recommended provided with a handle for the accompanying person who helps the user to move the crutch when walking.

Crutches with forearm support

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