Axillary crutch with mobile support 07/MR

Axillary crutch



Axillary crutch with mobile  support


  • doble height adjustment,
  • two systems of regulation: in steps – gaps every 2 cm, blocked with a clasp equipped with two bolts, stepless – has two blockades – inner and outer,
  • universal moulded plastic handgrip,
  • axillary support made of soft plastic,
  • mobile support,
  • rubber cap (strengthened with a steel pad),
  • three specjal silencing bushing,
  • lightweight, anodised aluminium,
Weight 0,87 kg
Height measured from ground to the handgrip min 720 mm – max 920 mm
Height measured from handgrip to axillary support min 1100 mm – max 1420 mm
User’s weight to to 130 kg
User’s height 155 cm-185 cm