Canes for children – Tetrapod 16/MR.L

Canes for children


Canes for children

Canes for children – Tetrapod 16/MR.L

This special canes for children is stable and comfortable  thanks to the specjally contoured four points of support.

In order to meet the special needs of children, we produce a custom dimension.


  • height adjustment,
  • regulation – in steps – gaps every 2 cm, blocked with a clasp equipped with two bolts,
  • rubber cap (strengthened with a steel pad),
  • silencing bushing,
  • lightweight, anodized aluminium,
  • universal moulded plastic handgrip
  • four points of support
Weight 0,60 kg
Standard height measured from ground to the handgrip min -55 cm max – 61 cm
User’s weight to 80 kg

The standard canes for children are suitable for children of 120 to 155 cm height.

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