Axillary crutches are technical aids improving the user's mobility, intended for people with disability of the lower limbs or prostheses extending the limbs but allowing partial support of the body weight.

They are devices with a single point of support terminated with a plastic cap, a handle and fixed or mobile forearm support, used as one crutch or a pair of crutches, each handled with one hand.
They are made of aluminium elements combined with plastics.
All MIKIRAD crutches are equiped with specjal silencing bushing, reflection light, rubber cap strenghtened with a steel pad and safe adjustment system with double pin clasp.

Axillary crutches

axillary crutch

Axillary crutch with extendable axillary support 06/MR


Axillary crutch

Axillary crutch with mobile support 07/MR