Antibacterial Crutch with nano silver material – handgrip 01/MR “M”

Antibacterial crutch


01/MR "M" antibacterial

Antibacterial Crutch with nano silver material –  handgrip

The new version of the product you are so familiar with: elbow crutches with double height regulation and a soft grip are now enhanced by the addition of colloidal silver (nano silver) to their handgrips, enriching them with antibacterial qualities.


  • double height adjustment
  • antibacterial soft handgrip with nano silver
  • two systems of regulation: in steps – gaps every 2 cm, blocked with a clasp equipped with two bolts, stepless – has two blockades – inner and outer
  • equipped with an universal handle
  • equipped with a mobile support
  • support with a narrow opening in the front
  • rubber cap (strengthened with a steel pad)
  • silencing bushing
  • lightweight, anodised aluminium
Weight 0,62 kg
Height measured from ground to the handgrip min 70 cm- max 96 cm
Height measured from handgrip to elbow support min 23 cm – max 27 cm
User’s weight to to 130 kg
User’s height 155 cm-185 cm


Many types of microbes are impacted by its effects – bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses, etc., including the most common pathogenetic groups\

The product is immune to chemical, physical, and biological agents. Microbes are unable to resist its effects, as opposed to many common synthetic products

Nano silver is safe for people, animals and environment

It removes biofilms from the surface of any product that includes it even in small concentration

Nano silver does not naturally degrade and effectively its attributes are permanent when used in plastic products.

Active particles of silver differ from usual disinfectants as their impact on microbe cells is permanent (indefinitely effective when mixed with plastic). Applying this substance on the product’s surface prevents microbes from developing and reduces chances of infection. Depending on the concentration of colloidal silver in a product, different levels of microbiological prevention can be assured (from being bacteriostatic to being bactericidal). It is effective already with the concentration of 1-25 ppm. For many substances such a concentration is scant, while for nano silver it is enough to protect the material from 650 types of bacteria, mold, viruses and fungi. The effectiveness of nano silver has been confirmed by numerous microbiological tests. In the plastic used for production of our crutches, the concentration of nano silver is around 200 ppm.