Four-point cap for cane 13/MR/4

Four-point cap for cane


Four-point cap for cane 13/MR/4

The four-point cap provides a wide base for the cane, which increases the stability of the product’s use. A convenient factor is that the cane remains in place when the hand is released from the handle. The narrower spacing of the support points enables comfortable use of the stair comparing to the typical tetrapod. The four-point cap for cane can be applied to all models of canes..

Forur-point cap for cane features:

  • wide,  stable base due to the four-point cap
  • (when you remove your hand from the handle – the cane will not fall over)
  • colors of the four-point cap: black, black-yellow, gray, gray-yellow
  • narrower spacing of support points – more comfort when climbing stairs
Weight~  0,25  kg
Width, depth and height ~ 17,5 x 14,5 x 4 cm