MIKIRAD is a family business with a lifetime experience. Established in the 1970s it was focused on metal and plastic material processing for various industries.
Nowadays, we are proud of over thirty years of experience in the medical industry in which we have specialised mainly in the design and manufacture of products supporting mobility and improving the quality of life of people with movement dysunctions.
We especially recommend our products for children, which are appreciated by parents of disabled
children who write to us from all over  the world. Our Tripods and Tetrapods with cane handle  are appreciated and desirable.
People, their needs, and relations are a priority for us, and therefore we base our business on long term cooperations with our clients and suppliers, as well as internally, inside of our organisation.
It allows us to build close partnerships, react quickly to changes and take care of the entire production and sales process, from idea to delivery.
We consistently provide fast and reliable service, order processing and wide range of products. What is more, as a company, we quarantee the possibilty of individualisation of apperance and some parameters of our products.
Our production materials are provided by local suppliers, and components are manufactured in-house thanks to which we can remain flexible, deliver efficiently, and communicate clearly and opently.

Mikirad – polish manufacturer