plastics processing

plastics processing


We are proud of many years of experience in metal and plastic processing since 1973.

We offer a full service in the field of plastics processing. We manufacture on our own molds or those entrusted by the customer. We are a complex solutions supplier.

We have a modern machinery and a qualified team. This allows us to develop and implement the project from the initial idea, through the design of the product and production of the injection mould until the finished product.

We also have in our offer a number of ready-made plastic elements, used by us and our customers in various industries.

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SHOCK ABSORBING SYSTEM designed and marketed by MIKIRAD is an innovative solution designed primarily to improve comfort of use of our products.
The shock absorption used resolves the problemswhich arise during the use of conventional orthopaedic crutches.


  • absorbs shock when the crutch comes into contact with the ground
  • significantly relieves the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints
  • the spring of the shock absorption system reduces pressure in every step
  • does not reduce stability of the product and the user’s sense of safety



Elbow crutches with ergonomic handle for the right or left hand are a comfortable alternative to traditional products of this type. The solutions applied have been designed to improve comfort of use through anatomically shaped handles with soft elastomer, with means that pressure is distributed evenly across the whole hand. Possibility of using an antibacterial plastic handle.

Characteristic of ergonomic elbow crutch:

  • single height adjustment
  • ergonomic moulded plastic handgrip
  • rubber cap (strengthened with a steel pad)
  • silencing bushing