Elbow crutch with ergonomic soft handle and mobile support 05/MR/E

ergonomic soft handle


model: 05/MR/E

Elbow crutch with ergonomic soft handle and mobile support


  • single height adjustment,
  • two systems of regulation: in steps – gaps every 2 cm, blocked with a clasp equipped with two bolts, stepless – has two blockades – inner and outer,
  • ergonomic moulded plastic handgrip,
  • equipped with mobile support,
  • rubber cap (strengthened with a steel pad),
  • silencing bushing,
  • possibility of using an antibacterial  plastic handle,
  • lightweight, anodised aluminium,
Weight 0,65 kg
Height measured from ground to the handgrip min 700 mm- max 960 mm
Height measured from handgrip to elbow support  240 mm
User’s weight to to 130 kg
User’s height 155 cm-185 cm

New elbow crutches with ergonomic handle for the right or left hand are a comfortable alternative to traditional products of this type.

The solutions applied have been designed to improve comfort of use trought anatomically shaped handles with soft elastomer, which means that pressure is distributed evenly across the whole hand.