Full serwis in the field of plastics processing

plastics processing


We offer a full service in the field of plastics processing.

We are proud of many years of experience in metal and plastic processing since 1973.

We offer full service in plastics processing.

We are a provider of comprehensive solutions.

We have modern machinery and a qualified team which allows us to provide service and implement the project from the idea, through designing the product, making the injection mould, to the finished product.

We will accept orders to manufacture plastic parts using injection moulds provided by the customer or our own.

In our offer we also have a number of ready-made plastic elements, used by us and our customers in various industries.

We work on modern single-component injection moulding machines with a maximum injection volume of 280 cm3.

We can make constructions from aluminum tubes with diameters of Ø19.6 mm and Ø22.5 mm, connected telescopically, angularly, rotationally or in series using plastic elements.

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