12/MR Universal cane



Universal cane


  • single  height adjustment
  • systems of regulation: in steps – gaps every 2 cm, blocked with a clasp equipped with two bolts for better security
  • rubber cap
  • silencing bushing
  • lightweight, anodised aluminium
  • universal plastic handgrip for right and left hand
Weight 0,30 kg
Height measured from ground to the handgrip min 760 mm- max 900 mm
Height measured from handgrip to elbow support 230 mm
User’s weight to to 120 kg

Walking sticks produced by MIKIRAD are technical aids improving the user’s mobility, intended for people with disability of the lower limbs (not indicated with one limb missing).

Standard products are intended for people with height of 155 to 185 cm and weight under 120 kg.

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Universal cane – operating manual

Spare parts:

Cap  to cane

Cap to walking stick

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